Tokusen (Special Selection) places focus on sweetness, umami, and a full body

Chokyu - Tokusen

◆This special selection is one proof higher in order to preserve the umami and flavor of Chokyu. In order to bring out the sweetness of the rice, a low temperature (approximately human skin temperature) is best to bring out the flavor of food. At Nakano BC, we recommend adding it to hot pot dishes (doing removes the odor of fish, etc.).

Product name Chokyu - Tokusen
Volume/Blttles per case 1.8L/6
Alcohol percentage 16-17%
Varieties of rice used Rice and koji rice (made in japan)
Rice polishing ratio Kakemai70%・Kojirice70%
JAN code 4904250 106917
RRP JPY 2,165(Tax-free)
Release date On sale
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.
Chokyu - Tokusen