These soft capsules can be taken without worry for those who
don’t enjoy the sour taste of Kishu no Akahon plum extract!

Kishu no Akahon - Capsules

◆The history of plums dates back many years, and sources show that they were eaten as far back as the Nara period. Plums were provided as military rations in the Sengoku period, and used as nutritional supplements and in times of food poisoning and water poisoning. A mere 20 grams of extract is made from 1,000 grams of green plums. The capsules are packed with nutrition, making them easy to take for people who dislike sour tastes.

Product name Kishu no Akahon - Capsules
Ingredients Japanese apricot extract, safflower oil, gelatin, glycerol, bee glue, glycerin fatty acid ester
Volume family pack 250g(660 pellets) 115g(300 pellets)
Nutritional ingredients
energy 553kcal, protein 23.0g, lipid 35.8g, carbohydrate 34.7g, Na 41.9mg, Ca 727mg
JAN code 4904250 202039 4904250 210003
RRP JPY 11,000(Tax-free) JPY 5,500(Tax-free)
Quality guarantee period Printed outer package
Preservation method Please keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Dose method Take 3~5 capsules with water per day
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.
Kishu no Akahon - Capsules