Kishu no Akahon
Plum extract

This traditional folk food is made by squeezing the juice of green plums, then boiling it down for many hours. A mere 20 grams of extract is made from 1,000 grams of green plums.
"Plum pearl" which rolled plum extracts into 100% plum components grain form is obtained the patent certification which could not be found in other companies.

Kishu Plum liquor

Our Plum liquor is only made with local brand Nanko-ume grown in Wakayama.
Because of the advantage of place, we only use fresh fruits.
Monde Selection and Tenma Tenjin Plum Wine Festival, other competitions got awarded many times.

Sake of Wakayama

"Chokyu" and "Kinokuniya-bunzaemon"` were made with thought "To be the long-cherished Sake by people…". They are alcohol brands of Wakayama.
They are awarded many times at U.S. National Sake Appraisal and Monde Selection and other competitions.

Essential Oil

FRAGRANT KISHU-WAKA is made from fruits grown in Wakayama.
It is the natural oil made by steam distillation method. Enjoy the pure scent of fruits.

Plum material

Used for large and fresh Nanko-ume, our deep experience and skills produce high quality plum materials.
We have the number No.1 share in Japan as JAS rating.

The warm weather of Wakayama, Wakayama, surrounded by the Kii Mountains and warm sea is the area is blessed with nature. Amount of production of Plum and mandarin orange are No.1 in Japan. Here is also called "Fruits Kingdom"