heat up the core of the body


◆This product uses gingerol and shogaol contained in ginger to heat up the core of the body, which is carried to the extremities by the mumefural contained in Japanese apricot extract, warming the entire body to the core.

Product name Umeshoga
Ingredients Japanese apricot (Wakayama), ginger powder, amylum, olive oil, CaCO3.
Volume 32g(155pellets)
Nutritional ingredients
(per bag)
energy 96kcal, protein 1.5g, lipid 1.2g
carbohydrate 23.1g, amount to 0.02 of edible salt
JAN code 4904250 203166
RRP JPY 3,600(Tax-free)
Quality guarantee period Printed outer package
Preservation method Please keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Dose method Take 5~10 pellets with water
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.