Obtained patent certification-100% Plum Pills


◆This traditional folk food is made by squeezing the juice of green plums, then boiling it down. A mere 20 grams of extract is made from 1,000 grams of green plums.

◆In order to make plum extract easier to take, we spent eight years to obtain patent certification for ease of use and a high concentration of plum components to create these 100% plum pills made from plums and nothing else.

●Monde Selection gold medal since 2014

Product name Umeshinjyu
Ingredients Japanese apricot
Volume 93g(465 pellets) 31g(155 pellets)
Nutritional ingredients
energy 350kcal, protein 6.3g, lipid 3.3g
carbohydrate 73.7g, Na 19.5mg, Ca 1.43g
JAN code 4904250 212175 4904250 211178
RRP JPY 8,550(Tax-free) JPY 3,000(Tax-free)
Quality guarantee period Printed outer package
Preservation method Please keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Dose method Take 5~10 pellets with water per day
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.