Tsuyu akane (Plum) syrup

◆New product (Release on Nov,2018)
This Tsuyu akane (Plum) syrup is made from Tsuyu akane which is the hybridization of two kinds of Japanese plum. It is characterized by dark red color with no addition, no coloring. Put them into sugar and keep low temperature to extract Tsuyu akane syrup, It is elegant and calm taste which refreshing sour taste of plum chases in rich sweetness of plum.

商品名 Tsuyu akane (Plum) syrup
New product (Release on Nov,2018)
BX55.0 above
Package18L Can/PET bottle
Display examplePlum (Tsuyu akane) syrup, Tsuyu akane (Plum) syrup, Plum juice
Place of production/VarietiesJapan Wakayama prefecture / Tsuyu akane
ApplicationDrink, (refreshing drink, liqueur, syrup)
Confectionery (Jam, jelly, fruit sauce)
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Tsuyu akane (Plum) syrup