Plum fruit powder(with salt)

【Plum Ingredients】
◆It is the powder dried, aged plum fruits and plum vinegar made in Wakayama. Its taste is such as Ume-boshi, its salinity and acidity are good balance.

Product name Plum fruit powder(with salt)
Particle size 60 mesh pass
Acidity 16.0±5.0%(reference)
Salinity 62.0±6.0%(reference)
Water 7.0% below(reference)
Volume 8.0kg
Package Aluminum pouch
Display example Plum vinegar, plum, salt
Place of production/Varieties Japan Wakayama prefecture / Nanko-ume
Application Sweet (seasoning etc)
Side dish(fishery products etc)
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.
Plum fruit powder(with salt)