We took the fruits grown in the rich natural environment of
Kishu Wakayama and made them into a gentle, pure scent.

Aroma - Sanbokan

◆We created gentle, pure, transparent fragrance extracts from the fruit grown in the abundant natural environment of Kishu Wakayama. Scents extracted using a steam distillation technique are very soft and delicate. Enjoy these Japanese essential oils packed with the soothing charms of Kishu. Fragrant Kishu-Waka are AEAJ* display standard accredited essential oils.

※The Aroma Environment Association of Japan is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy living through aromatherapy.

◆Sanbokan gently releases a balance of full-bodied, yet sweet, refined tartness for a relaxing scent.

Product name Aroma - Sanbokan
Volume 5ml
Scientific name Citrus sulcata
Quantity of fruits used About 65pcs
JAN code 4904250 225144
Series Orange
Extract position Peel
Country of origin Wakayama prefecture
Extract method Steam distillation technique
RRP JPY 2,000(Tax-free)
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.
Aroma - Sanbokan