A familiar, nostalgic scent and old-fashioned
sake flavor permeate Chokyu Kinjirushi

Chokyu - Kinjirushi

◆This is a class 2 sake by the old classification system. Although ‘class 2’ does not sound good, it has an old-fashioned sake smell.

◆This nostalgic scented sake with its strong flavor has garnered a deep-rooted fan base in Wakayama. Long-time fans of the scent of sake will enjoy this variety heated from very warm to hot temperatures.

Product name Chokyu - Kinjirushi
Volume/Bottles per case 1.8L/6
Alcohol percentage 15-16%
JAN code 4904250 108911
RRP JPY 1,602(Tax-free)
Release date On sale
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Chokyu - Kinjirushi