Chokyu Honjozo is a refreshing
dry brew loved for many years

Chokyu - Honjozo

◆The Chokyu brand of sake was born in 1958. At that time it was brewed by chief brewer Takino (of the Tajima group), and has continued to be brewed by employees using the techniques handed down by Takino ever since his death. Honjozo is a product that exceeds those traditions and techniques.

◆This variety of sake is best enjoyed hot (50 to 55°C).
※This brand won the merit award at the 2017 Kansai Sake Appreciation and Evaluation Meeting.

●Chokyu Honjozo won the outstanding performance award at the Kansai Sake Appreciation and Evaluation Meeting 2017
●Chokyu Honjozo won the top gold medal in the Value Hot Sake division at the 2016, 2018 Kan Sake Award.

Product name Chokyu-Honjozo
Volume/Bottles per case 1800ml/6 720ml/6
Alcohol percentage 15%
Varieties of rice used rice(Japan):Kozimai(Japan)
Rice-polihing ratio kakemai 70%・koji rice 70%
JAN code 4904250 104067 4904250 109147
RRP JPY 1,900(Tax-free) JPY 950(Tax-free)
Release date On sale
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Chokyu - Honjozo