Fresh taste of raw stored sake, It has a smooth taste of umami

Junmai Raw Stored Sake
Kinokuniya Bunzaemon

◆Malted Yamada Nishiki rice and Dewa Sansan brewing rice are used to make this sake. This junmai raw stored sake features the mild, stout flavor of rice typical of Wakayama sake. Firing the sake only once results in a fresh taste typical of raw stored sake and a thoroughly relaxed scent that is not present in raw sake.

※We recommend to drink at "chilled". Enjoy the balanced, refreshing flavor.

Product name Junmai Raw Stored Sake - Kinokuniya Bunzaemon
Volume/Bottles per case 720ml/6 300ml/12
Alcohol percentage 15%
Varities of rice used Koji rice:Yamada nishiki / Kakemai:Dewa sansan
Rice-polishing ratio Koji rice:58% / Kakemai:65%
JAN code 4904250 122122 4904250 123129
RRP JPY 1,150(Tax-free) JPY 430(Tax-free)
Release date On sale
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Junmai Raw Stored Sake<br />Kinokuniya Bunzaemon