A health food created from green mandarin oranges with patented process.


◆Atopitan is made from specially-cultivated unripe mandarin oranges. The green mandarin oranges are cultivated in mass quantities during the hot summer months, then frozen, dried, and powdered via a special process, then made into pills which are a healthy supplement containing a wealth of hesperidin and narirutin.

◆Please store the pills in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Product name Atopitan the power of unripe Jabara and orange
Ingredients Jabara, Unsyu orange(made in Japan Wakayama), Edible refined and processed oils, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, stevia , sucrose fatty acid ester
Volume 64g
Nutritional ingredients
(per 9 tablets)
energy 189 kcal, protein 3.4 g, lipid 3.0 g, carbohydrate 52.3 g, Na 5.4 mg(sodium chloride equivalent 0.01 g)
JAN code 4904250 233156
RRP JPY 3,600(Tax-free)
Quality guarantee period Printed outer pakage
Preservation method Please keep it in a cool dry place, aviod direct sunlight.
Dose method Take 9~18 tablets with water per day.
※There may be changes in the figures. Please inquire details.